Class Reunion Committee
Class Reunion Committee
Top Row:  Steve Goad, Gene Baker, Gregg Lowman, Gregg Richardson
Bottom Rom:  Cheryl Dempsey Olser, Denise Harris Henke, Marlene Stachler Mundey
Left to Right:  Chris Hickey, Chris Albrecht, Marlene Stachler & Cathy Carton

50th Class Reunion Photos

The pictures are from our 50th Class Reunion held at the American Legion and Sugar Valley Golf Club on August 2nd and 3rd 2019.
TJ Chumpps is where the reunion kicked off August 1st.

45th Class Reunion Photos

The pictures are from our 45th Class Reunion held August 1st and 2nd 2014.  The events were held at TJ Chumps and Gilbert's Party Barn.
Barb Miller, Gregg Lowman & Jon Decker

40th Class Reunion Photos

The pictures are from our 40th Class Reunion on July 31st and August 1st 2009.  The activities where held at Talegaters and Walnut Grove Country Club.

Denise Harris Henke with her husband, Larry in the white shirt, and brothers and sisters-in-laws.

Classmate Families, Friends & Vacations

Enclosed are pictures of our classmates, their families and friends at home as well as on vacation.  Enjoy!
Front Row (Left to Right) - Lou Gabbard, Donna Gabbard, Jim Thompson, Gregg Richardson, Pat Koonts, John Koonts  Second

Retired Fairmont East Teacher's

This is a group photo taken in September of 2009.  Not all these teachers were at East when you were there in 1969 but many you'll probably recognize.  I'll be adding names etc as I can.